3 Mad Things That Have Happened To Me This Week

1) I won an entry to the London Triathlon courtesy of Wiggle.

All I had to do was post a tweet on a hashtag they’d created and a winner was picked at random – that was me! This is the third time I’ve been randomly selected to win something on Twitter.  In the past I’ve won goggles from 220 Triathlon and a High5 nutrition race pack from High5.  The race entry is for an “Olympic Plus” distance – 1500m swim, 80k bike, and 10k run. I suppose it’ll be good practice for Ireland!

2) I’ve entered Country to Capital
For some reason I’ve decided I want to try to see if I can run 45 miles.  I think Tony Audenshaw (of Marathon TalkEmmerdale and Tony’s Trials fame) said that ultra marathons are for show offs and the clinically insane.  Perhaps I’m a bit of both, and as a result on January 15th 2012, I will run from Wendover to London.  We’ll see how that goes.

3) I’ve written 3 blog posts in a week.
You lucky people, you! There’ll also be more to follow as I’m off to Llandudno for the Sea Triathlon tomorrow.


About Sophie

I'm an aerospace engineering postgrad student with a passion for triathlon and the great outdoors...
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